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You so believe your own lies...

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Hi, my name is Chris. In RL I'm forced to go to the Place of W to earn a crust. In my make believe world, my mind and fingers run amok with thoughts of prettyboys getting it on with each other. I started out writing Placebo fan-fiction but with the departure of the God of the Drums, I backed away into original fiction and wrote the following:

Second Chances is my first novel and is currently being propelled towards the publishing world. It concerns Raith and Alex who miss the boat in life yet find each other in death; a Happy for Now ending with a smattering of hot sex.

Say it with Flowers reaveals how Gale's boy-whore lifestyle is turned upside down by a handsome client.

Grizedale Reunion is my latest WIP and does what it says on the tin. A medical school reunion weekend holds more in store for the young doctors than they had initially bargained for. The ghosts of their past come back to haunt them making for very pleasant relief from their daily workload.

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