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I'm loving Victorian Farm atm although the 'corset-ed fashion' bit has annoyed me yet again just as it did in that other Victorian family programme a few years ago. Who on earch has a fucking 17" waist? Maybe they did then. Was that actually natural due to having nothing to eat anway? Jeez, I am SO not Victorian, lol.

I finished reading Pitch Black by Alex Gray yesterday and started on the ghostly one ... the name escapes me but it's written by James Buchan. Ah yes, The Gate of Air. The flow reminds me greatly of Under the Tree. By that I mean 'deep and meaningful sentences thrown in just confuse you when you're doing before bed reading'. Not good for a sleepy Crawly. I think I'm hanging in there. I did want to like it more straight off but I'm persevering as there's promise of teh homosexual on the horizon..even if he is of the older variety...he might have some sordid stories to tell of his youth, ;p Shallow, moi? You bloody well know it. *sniffs the air and imagines girlyboy Brian in frilly shirtness and frocky coat* (They probably don't even go together but in my mind they do ;p). Hmm....frilly shirted open buttoned bare creamy white chest...


Okay, okay. Contain yourself with Ebay listings and coffee. Boring RL? *humph*

btw. I have some 'deep and meaningful' sentences of my own to add. I actually wrote in bed on my moby the other night. Used the memo function to write to myself.

What was that? Chickychicky pie? o.O

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