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Watching Sailor Beware for the 50th time. I love this film. Cute little Edie is my favourite. Couldn't you just give her a big cuddle?

I've started reposting my fics at suckerlove_. I could really do with a Brewitty laugh and many of them are just that (shut your eyes to the pRon), lol. Ficcage seems a little sad and by the wayside atm so I thought I'd try and lend a hand with the Placebo baubles on the tree. Steve seems to have well and truly turned a corner...maybe my muse will once it gets jealous! Warning: the fics are old and embarrassing...a bit like myself. If you fancy a bit of Carry on Placebo mixed with smut then head on over for a giggle.

Last night's curry was stupendous so the birds are getting nothing today. Kofta curry pizza anyone? I can't wait!

Okay your stuff. Brian only has to 'sort his head out'. Now, get on with it!!!!
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