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Dave's making kofta curry tonight *g* The birdies are already at the window, pecking on the glass placing their orders. They should be okay until then though what with the lil pink iced fairy cakes I've thrown out, the end of the chili cheese and a few homemade chips. Misters Maggie made fast work of the pork pies yesterday! I was laughing at them strutting around the garden in their plus fours!

I've tried to listen to LAR but this RAR thing won't let me, lol. I did manage to catch a snippet of video however. I LOVE the tamborine/hip thing he has going on. I need to see more of that...especially in that shirt.

Anywhore, I'm off to watch the Boosh boxset I got for Christmas! *boing*

Anyone who's listening out there. I need a Stevehiptamborinethrusting icon! I mean, can a man be any more beautiful?

I wanna be his tamborine!
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