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I have 8 wonderful days off!

Things I MUST do.

1. Listen to Love Amongst Ruin gig so that I can oggle teh Bean muchly.
2. Finish Grizedale Reunion. To do this I actually need to squeeze the ending out of my briancell. It's there, it just needs a bit of manipulation.
3. Washing.
4. Clean oven.
5. Send SC in the direction of a few more rejections, lol.
6. If someone's said at the beginning of December that they will be in touch very soon once they've read SC, do I pester them again? Yes, that is a question.
7. Upload 'I love Steve' icon.
8. Make the birds fruity bread. The LOVE this.
9. Iron to Elbow.
10. Make cashew nut curry *nom* and oggle teh Bean some more ;

Edit: It would have been my brother's 60th birthday today...
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