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Writer's Block: First and only [01 May 2010|12:40pm]
Is there a film that you think is perfect in its original form and should never be remade?

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? One of my all time favourites.
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[11 Apr 2010|10:50am]
[ mood | busy ]

I'm loving Victorian Farm atm although the 'corset-ed fashion' bit has annoyed me yet again just as it did in that other Victorian family programme a few years ago. Who on earch has a fucking 17" waist? Maybe they did then. Was that actually natural due to having nothing to eat anway? Jeez, I am SO not Victorian, lol.

I finished reading Pitch Black by Alex Gray yesterday and started on the ghostly one ... the name escapes me but it's written by James Buchan. Ah yes, The Gate of Air. The flow reminds me greatly of Under the Tree. By that I mean 'deep and meaningful sentences thrown in just confuse you when you're doing before bed reading'. Not good for a sleepy Crawly. I think I'm hanging in there. I did want to like it more straight off but I'm persevering as there's promise of teh homosexual on the horizon..even if he is of the older variety...he might have some sordid stories to tell of his youth, ;p Shallow, moi? You bloody well know it. *sniffs the air and imagines girlyboy Brian in frilly shirtness and frocky coat* (They probably don't even go together but in my mind they do ;p). Hmm....frilly shirted open buttoned bare creamy white chest...


Okay, okay. Contain yourself with Ebay listings and coffee. Boring RL? *humph*

btw. I have some 'deep and meaningful' sentences of my own to add. I actually wrote in bed on my moby the other night. Used the memo function to write to myself.

What was that? Chickychicky pie? o.O


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[21 Feb 2010|09:38pm]
[ mood | content ]

I did want to post the original vid but embedding was disabled so here's a Whistle Test version:

Thank God for all those vampire programmes around atm that have revived this beauty of a song \o/ I adore the 'out-of-tune' sounding guitars. It's probably why I like Lady of the Flowers and Without You I'm Nothing by Placebo so much. Okay, okay, don't kill me for saying that ... maybe it's my 'out-of-tune' ears, lol! Anywhore...Ian McColloch's voice *dies happy* :)

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[18 Feb 2010|08:45pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

The first splurge of Grizedale Reunion is done. *skips around* So why am I so apprehensive about launching myself into the edit? *laughs to self* Perhaps it's cuz it's taken me two bloody years to write it. I. Am. A. Lazyarse. 43.5K in two years is disgusting. I remember how much fic I used to churn out. That's probably why I'm posting old stuffs to suckerlove_ lol. Distraction is my friend in the same way as YouTube is, hehe. Oh and now here comes Master Chef! Actually, Breed 77 got there first!

I was reading moondarri's post the other day with interest. Music. I can't write whilst listening to it...I mean 'write'...as in where I have to actually think about stuff...but I am lost without it. If any of you out there ever get to read any of my post-Placebo stories you will recognise the musical duvet I adore draping myself in. Music features not-too-heavily in my stories...just enough to give me away, hehe ;) In SIWF, Gale admits to liking a certain Gibraltan band *cough*, whilst in SC my dear ole numanoid friend (they come in boxes, don'tcha know?) receives a well-deserved mention. I was even putting together a soundtrack for SC but someone said that was a bad idea so it got shelved. That said...is there any mention of music in GR? No doubt I'll find out once I begin tackling the two year old story, lol.

Anywhore, what lyrics, eh Paul?

In the morning I am empty of everything I used to be
I will write away my feelings so no one would ever read
If I had all of the answers I could pour salt on my wounds

Oh go on...just because I can!

*scraps 2nd breed77 song*

Okay, this is for carbonkid70 as we were talking all Japan earlier today. David Sylvian could not be any more beautiful than he was here... 1982, fucking hell I'm old. *sob*

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[06 Feb 2010|08:47pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Ok, here's Crawly's offering of YouTubeness for the week. Oh how 80s we are!

Scary video..well scary man. The blokie in the hat gave me the creeps for weeks. These days, I'd probably write about him, lol!

Hair...long hair...men in makeup...how could I not?

Speaking of which...cuz there is life in the ole' Bean yet! Such a beauty of a song. Robert Smith was never a prettyboy but Brian makes up for it here (even though with the mullet of death). What's not to love? Bean and Tambourine!

Over and out. Mince and dumplinations call!

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[06 Feb 2010|07:06pm]
[ mood | sore ]

What a couple of hairy bikers, eh? This was taken last weekend at Gareth's 21st. What a sweet boy...lending his Daddy a helping hair-do, lol. There was another pic where Gareth's grabbing Dave's mooby but I thought this was the best shot.

PS I want to work with the Lion Man. Those big kitties are just too cute for words.

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[20 Jan 2010|04:20pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

OmG. I'm finding stuff on this disc I didn't know I'd kept. Stuff from 2000 when I first started out in this world of writing. *hides and cringes* I even found Brian/supernurse to the rescue hetty sex! It nearly made me vomit...

It is shit...but it got me off my arse!

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[20 Jan 2010|01:35pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Watching Sailor Beware for the 50th time. I love this film. Cute little Edie is my favourite. Couldn't you just give her a big cuddle?

I've started reposting my fics at suckerlove_. I could really do with a Brewitty laugh and many of them are just that (shut your eyes to the pRon), lol. Ficcage seems a little sad and by the wayside atm so I thought I'd try and lend a hand with the Placebo baubles on the tree. Steve seems to have well and truly turned a corner...maybe my muse will once it gets jealous! Warning: the fics are old and embarrassing...a bit like myself. If you fancy a bit of Carry on Placebo mixed with smut then head on over for a giggle.

Last night's curry was stupendous so the birds are getting nothing today. Kofta curry pizza anyone? I can't wait!

Okay muse...do your stuff. Brian only has to 'sort his head out'. Now, get on with it!!!!

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[19 Jan 2010|06:24pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

I've just peeled and choped 6 onions and 3 bulbs of garlic.


Edit: Dave's just started cooking and already he's singing 'The Ring of Fire'. I'm not scared tho...

Re-edit: The balls have made it into the curry! \o/

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[19 Jan 2010|01:36pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Dave's making kofta curry tonight *g* The birdies are already at the window, pecking on the glass placing their orders. They should be okay until then though what with the lil pink iced fairy cakes I've thrown out, the end of the chili cheese and a few homemade chips. Misters Maggie made fast work of the pork pies yesterday! I was laughing at them strutting around the garden in their plus fours!

I've tried to listen to LAR but this RAR thing won't let me, lol. I did manage to catch a snippet of video however. I LOVE the tamborine/hip thing he has going on. I need to see more of that...especially in that shirt.

Anywhore, I'm off to watch the Boosh boxset I got for Christmas! *boing*

Anyone who's listening out there. I need a Stevehiptamborinethrusting icon! I mean, can a man be any more beautiful?

I wanna be his tamborine!

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[17 Jan 2010|09:46pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I have 8 wonderful days off!

Things I MUST do.

1. Listen to Love Amongst Ruin gig so that I can oggle teh Bean muchly.
2. Finish Grizedale Reunion. To do this I actually need to squeeze the ending out of my briancell. It's there, it just needs a bit of manipulation.
3. Washing.
4. Clean oven.
5. Send SC in the direction of a few more rejections, lol.
6. If someone's said at the beginning of December that they will be in touch very soon once they've read SC, do I pester them again? Yes, that is a question.
7. Upload 'I love Steve' icon.
8. Make the birds fruity bread. The LOVE this.
9. Iron to Elbow.
10. Make cashew nut curry *nom* and oggle teh Bean some more ;

Edit: It would have been my brother's 60th birthday today...

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[08 Jan 2010|02:46pm]
[ mood | curious ]

OK, so I've googled and looked at 'What's that tune?' and it's not there.

What's the name of the Indian winter season tune? Not the Florence one, the drumming one? I absolutely love it.

There'e no point looking anywhere else really cuz you lot know everything, lol!

Thanks in advance.

*goes back to ironing*

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[31 Aug 2009|04:59pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

I'm letting the 'men' pack the car. Gareth's come over to help do it and has just put the tent in the boot. Apparently, I'm expected to turn into a man on site of greenery, ie, the field...and then walk half a mile over said field (carrying the tent) to the spot where we'll do the erecting.

I'm sleeping in the car.

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X Factor [30 Aug 2009|01:13pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I found out the girl's name who made me cry last night and she did again just now. Rozelle. Watch out for her.

Also Jamie Afro. Absolutely loved his Sex on Fire. Which reminds me...Michael McIntyre...'Darling, don't be alarmed!" LOL

I really don't like the whole X Factor premise but I cannot ignore a voice when it gives me goosebumps...and that girlie just did. Wow! \o/

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[30 Aug 2009|11:44am]
[ mood | blank ]

Well, there's another 'no'. What a surprise, eh? *rolls eyes and tosses it on Excel pile* It's just as well I'm not feeling really sensitive today, hmm? Yeah right.

We didn't get to see Alfie yesterday, we're going this afternoon. I hope his cute, fluff-balliness can cheer me up. Knowing my luck, he'll be asleep.

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[09 Oct 2008|01:21pm]
[ mood | awake ]

The funniest thing last week would have had me pissing my pants laughing if I hadn't already been...

OK, me and Denise in the loos. Me having pee and Denise looking in the mirror.

Denise: I think I need a No 2.
Me: Oooh, do you want me to leave so you can do it in private?
Denise: *bursts out laughing* I was talking about my hair!
Me: *collapses*

You know when you can hardly stand up and walk properly with laughing. I guess you just had to be there, lol!

Migraine has lifted for the third time this week. I hope it doesn't see fit to return...again. :(

I'll be back once I've thought of something to actually update with. Then again, maybe I won't.

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[16 Aug 2008|02:29pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I've been MIA this week. Nightshift does my napper in. It's unnatural to be up through the night. Who invented it? *stamps feet*

Anywhore, I'm relaxing on the sofa and watching V. I really want to see the Prodigy and The Verve not to mention lil old Amy Winecellar.

We're having homemade chicken tikka tonight with garlic field mushrooms and a football of a jacket potato \o/

Okay, you know the drill. Make a bloody offer and save me from having an empty purse... I'm sick of paying Ebay fees so make fair and decent offers *pwetty pwease*

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[08 Aug 2008|11:44am]
[ mood | curious ]

Take a look around my Ebay listing HERE. Come on in, there's lots of lovelies for you to snap up! :)

New to Listing, Albums on Vinyl:
Ace of Spaces ~ Motorhead
Like a Virgin ~ Madonna
ZZ Top ~ Eliminator
Vital Idol ~ Billy Idol
1999 ~ Prince (12" single on vinyl)

Oooh, and this *points below*

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[21 May 2008|01:45pm]
Several items are ending today. So get clickety clicking HERE to see the precious things.

(Please note that unframed photographs are no longer available via Ebay. Therefore, if you are interested in buying one, please contact me by making a comment in this community. Framed photograph can still be bought via Ebay for £20.00 (+£6.00 P&P). Photographs without framing are £5.00 (+£2.00) and can be purchased by leaving a comment here. Concessions given for multiple orders. Thank you.)
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[25 Mar 2008|01:07pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Take a look around my Ebay listing HERE. If there's anything on the slideshow that has disappeared from the listing please feel free to contact me via Ebay and I shall relist the item(s).

Added today:
Cars 12" single on vinyl ~ Gary Numan
Songs from the Big Chair on vinyl ~ Tears for Fears

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