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The first splurge of Grizedale Reunion is done. *skips around* So why am I so apprehensive about launching myself into the edit? *laughs to self* Perhaps it's cuz it's taken me two bloody years to write it. I. Am. A. Lazyarse. 43.5K in two years is disgusting. I remember how much fic I used to churn out. That's probably why I'm posting old stuffs to suckerlove_ lol. Distraction is my friend in the same way as YouTube is, hehe. Oh and now here comes Master Chef! Actually, Breed 77 got there first!

I was reading moondarri's post the other day with interest. Music. I can't write whilst listening to it...I mean 'write' in where I have to actually think about stuff...but I am lost without it. If any of you out there ever get to read any of my post-Placebo stories you will recognise the musical duvet I adore draping myself in. Music features not-too-heavily in my stories...just enough to give me away, hehe ;) In SIWF, Gale admits to liking a certain Gibraltan band *cough*, whilst in SC my dear ole numanoid friend (they come in boxes, don'tcha know?) receives a well-deserved mention. I was even putting together a soundtrack for SC but someone said that was a bad idea so it got shelved. That there any mention of music in GR? No doubt I'll find out once I begin tackling the two year old story, lol.

Anywhore, what lyrics, eh Paul?

In the morning I am empty of everything I used to be
I will write away my feelings so no one would ever read
If I had all of the answers I could pour salt on my wounds

Oh go on...just because I can!

*scraps 2nd breed77 song*

Okay, this is for carbonkid70 as we were talking all Japan earlier today. David Sylvian could not be any more beautiful than he was here... 1982, fucking hell I'm old. *sob*

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